Tree Pruning & Reductions

At Jessep Contracting, we use the correct professional pruning techniques to ensure the health of the tree is optimised, while still achieving your desired outcome.

There are a lot of cowboys out there with no knowledge of the fundamentals of tree biology and the effects that poor pruning can have. Jessep Contracting ensures that “Care is taken with every Cut”.

Image showing a Jessep Contracting employee pruning a fruit tree.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We are experts at reducing your fruit trees to a manageable height, while promoting fruit growth and the removal of diseased and deadwood. This process takes knowledge and skill. Give your fruit trees the care they deserve and enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Image showing a recently pruned tree, in a garden, by Jessep Contracting

Tree Maintenance

We believe in looking after your trees and enhancing them as an asset to your property. This can include the removal of deadwood, dangerous or troublesome limbs (often in tricky locations), and reshaping trees to remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

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