Stump Grinding

We recommend stump grinding after tree removal for a clean slate for future landscaping.

Unless you opt for stump grinding after a tree removal, you will always have a stump from where the tree was felled. This can often be a large surface area that will interfere with your lawn and plantings as well as having a risk of re-sprouting in the future.

We offer a stump grinding service to remove unwanted old stumps as well as after we have removed a tree.  When we remove a tree, particularly a large one, there will be a stump left behind making it difficult for symmetrical planting and landscaping.

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We have a Stump Grinding attachment for our Avant mini digger that allows us to grind away any stumps resulting from our tree removals along with existing stumps you may already have.

This means we can quickly and efficiently chew and remove stump wood below ground level to ensure your tree stump won’t re-sprout with suckering growth around its perimeter.

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