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Based in Maraetai and servicing the Greater Auckland area, New Zealand


Who We Are

Philip Jessep
Your local Professional Arborist and Machine Operator

We are a local, privately owned, and fully insured company.

Phil has ten years of experience in construction, operating a vast array of heavy machinery in NZ, Australia and the UK. 
He went on to work three years working as a Professional Climbing Arborist for a local tree company. 
Jessep Contracting launched with the vision of combining both skillsets enabling a 'one-stop-shop' type service, with the ability to go from site-clearing to completing your house foundations, and every job in between.
Whatever your problem, big or small, we can help find you the solution producing high-quality results.

Care taken with EVERY cut.

Our Mission:
We aim to provide a high-quality service that solves property dilemmas in our community.
Trees and Mountains
Wooden Ceiling

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Professional Services

I’m committed to providing a wide range of services.
No matter the size of the job, we can cater for it, working with you and offering highly competitive rates.
Check out the list of services we provide below and call me today to schedule an initial consultation.


Shelter Belt Removal

Looking for someone to remove your dead or dying Shelter-belts?
We can remove them efficiently and offer to stump grind and replant a replacement if that's what you desire.

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Site Clearing

We can remove existing trees/bush/scrub to make way for development or replanting in Natives. 
We can also continue to develop the site for you as well!



As a skilled operator on a variety of different machines, I can shape the landscape or your backyard any way that you desire!

Fine Pruning

Using the correct professional pruning techniques to ensure the health of the tree is optimised, while still achieving your desired outcome.
There are a lot of cowboys out there with no knowledge of the fundamentals of tree biology and the effects that poor pruning can have.
I ensure that "Care is taken with every Cut".


Palm Cleaning or Removal

Tidying up your palm trees makes them far more aesthetic and a lot safer too. If the palm has outgrown its position on your property, we can remove it also!

Tree removal and stump grinding

Sometimes a tree is simply in the wrong place.
We can look at different options to solve this problem, and if need be, remove it for you.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Reducing your fruit trees to a manageable height, while promoting fruit growth and the removal of diseased and deadwood. This process takes knowledge and skill.

Give your fruit trees the care they deserve.


All manner of Site Works in Construction

This includes but is not limited to:
Site Clearing,
Building Sites and Foundations,
Cutting farm tracks/races,
Clearing for fencelines,
Digger, Truck, Bobcat, Bulldozer and other specialist machine work.


Permanent Tree lighting Installation

Want to give your garden that extra 'Wow' factor at night? 
I can Install 24V All-year-round Fairy Lights in your specimen trees (as seen in the council trees in New Market and Takapuna). 
The result is a magical, somewhat mesmerising experience right in your own backyard!

Lights come in Warm yellow, Ice blue or white.
Get in touch to learn more.

 The JCL Avant-age

Our Avant 635 mini loader has all the capabilities of a Bobcat and more. Specially designed to have a lightweight impact on lawns, it can access most backyards easily.

It has a telescopic boom and multiple attachments making it perfect for all jobs whether it be handling trees and brush, shifting pallets and materials around the construction site, or moving materials from the rear of the property to the front and vice versa. Ideal for Builders, Landscapers and Tree work companies. 

This is the perfect machine to help get your job done!

Tree Maintenance

We prefer to look after your trees, enhancing them as an asset to your property. This can include the removal of deadwood, dangerous or troublesome limbs (often in tricky locations), and reshaping trees.


Stump grinding

We have a Stump Grinding attachment for our Avant that allows us to grind away any stumps reulting from our tree removals along with existing stumps you may already have!

Past Projects

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Whitford Shelterbelt removal

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