Palm Cleaning & Removal

Do you have an established palm tree that is in need of a tidy up? Let Jessep Contracting take care of it safely for you.

Palm trees can be stunning until they are overgrown, neglected or too large for the space they were planted in.  Palms can be difficult to maintain yourself as they can grow so tall, making them awkward and dangerous to DIY.

The work that is required to maintain palm trees is specialised requiring specific equipment to climb and prune  them properly. They are extremely sturdy and robust, and require expertise and experience to climb, prune and assess for any decay.

We are palm tree service experts and have invested in tools and machinery that help us to complete any job in the most efficient and safest manner possible.  This ensures we not only offer competitive rates but also complete the project to the highest standard possible.

We follow industry best practice guidelines and do not spike up smooth stemmed palms like queen and bungalow palms which has been proven to cause severe damage to palms but instead climb up our ropes leaving the palms unharmed.

Our team has extensive and specialist experience in palm tree removal and palm tree trimming. We are renowned for our work on the Formosa Golf Course where we have already cleaned and restored over a hundred palm trees to their former glory after years of neglect.

If you have palm trees requiring a trim or even a full palm tree removal, give us a call.  We provide a free consultation to advise the best way forward and estimate of cost so there are no nasty surprises.

Jessep Contracting has the right people, experience, equipment and insurance to complete palm tree removal or palm tree services safely.

We are based in South Auckland, offering our services  throughout Beachlands, Maraetai and Whitford on the Pohutukawa Coast, East Auckland, South Auckland and the Franklin District.

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