Site Clearing

Site clearing is one of our specialties at Jessep Contracting.

Whether you have purchased an overgrown property or let the maintenance slip, before you begin a new development or construction project, or garden renovation, you need to ensure the ground is prepped sufficiently.

Site clearing is the first step in a construction project and involves removing all elements of a land area that obstructs the process of construction.

The ground may need to be levelled, rocks might have to be removed, trees might have to be cut down, and in some instances old buildings may have to be demolished. Jessep Contracting can remove existing trees, boulders, bush or scrub to make way for development and can assist with replanting in natives and new landscaping once the development is completed.

We have invested in a range of specialist machinery to ensure we can access our client’s properties easily and complete site clearing projects promptly.  No job is too big or small!

End to End Solutions

The team at Jessep have the unique skills, experience and equipment to go from site clearing, to excavation and preparation for house foundations.

Whatever your property dilemma, we have the solution! Get in touch today.

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