Shelter Belt Removal

Looking for someone to remove your dead or dying shelter belts?

The team at Jessep Contracting are experienced and skilled at operating the machinery required to quickly remove and process unwanted shelter belts. We can either leave the felled trees ringed up into into firewood (if the wood is suitable) and chip the brush, or we can remove the trees completely from your site.

With diseases like Cypress Canker spreading through the North Island infecting Leyland Cypresses at an alarming rate, once infected it is terminal and the shelterbelt will eventually succumb and die. We can remove the trees enabling you to replant a different species in its place.

We recommend stump grinding or extraction to ensure that there is no grow back and that the ground is level and ready for new plantings or construction.

 Jessep Contracting has the right skills and heavy machinery to remove shelter belts quickly and easily leaving you with a cleared site ready for construction or replanting.

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