Tree Removals

Have a troublesome tree or hedge that needs removing? Jessep Contracting can help.

Trees, shelter belts and hedges look great when maintained but sometimes they can catch a disease and die, their root systems can cause issues on your or neighboring properties, or they can simply be the wrong tree planted in the wrong place.

No matter how difficult the removal or how many things are in the way, our skilled climbers can dismantle the trees with technical rope rigging and get it down with no damage.

We can provide efficient and fast tree, hedge and shelter belt removal services with our specialised machinery, qualified and experienced arborists. We have loads of experience in both pruning and full removal and can help you make the best decision if you are unsure of next steps.

We believe in the importance of recycling and reducing waste and can mulch your tree waste into usable mulch for your garden to help retain water over the warmer months.

Just ask our friendly team about our mulching services when you make a booking for a tree or hedge removal.

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