Digger Work

At Jessep Contracting, we are proficient in all manner of digger work

We offer a range of services requiring a excavators and specialist machinery for site clearing and excavations.

While digger work may look like a bit like child’s play, it takes skills and experience to do the work accurately and efficiently without ending up with broken pipes or worse.

Best of all Jessep Contracting can manage the whole project bringing in necessary specialist approved subcontractors and dealing with them on your behalf so that you don’t have to.

Site clearing

We can assist you with your site clearing requirements. In many site clearing projects, the ground needs to be levelled, trees and rocks need to be dug out and removed and in some instances old buildings may have to be demolished. Jessep Contracting has the equipment and the expertise to clear your site to whatever specifications you require.


Shaping the lay of the land on your property is essential before hardscaping can be installed. We can manage water runoff, shape the ground to accommodate structures to be built and dig holes for trees to be planted.
Importing of aggregates, mulch, bark soils and decorative stones are all part of the process we can manage.

Large stands of trees

If you have large amounts of trees big and small that need to be cleared, we can bring in our diggers with log grapples to safely handle them and speed up processing considerably. Our large 12 inch chipper can process the brush into mulch and our diggers make this process a lot quicker and safer.

Construction Site works

We can work in conjunction with builders to provide general digger services on construction sites, and the use of our Avant articulated mini loader with 4 in 1 bucket or pallet forks providing more options for site management.
When building is completed we can close out the job, landscaping, top soiling and grass seeding leaving your project looking a million dollars.

The team at Jessep Contracting are experts with diggers, trucks, bobcats, bulldozers and other specialist machine work.

Our fleet of vehicles and machinery are on stand by ready for your excavation and construction challenge.

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